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Who We Are?

We all are independent practitioners who are committed to support each other and share the benefits of the network that offers 'one-stop' solution to clients who are seeking freelance lawyers to meet their business needs and we share a common passion for helping law firms and legal departments succeed.

We understand that contemporary business world is highly challenging and competitive, this is why our business idea is based on a modern and innovative Law Firm Model that meets the needs of both, our clients and our attorneys in an effective way.


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Share your resume & experience certificate and we will look at your experience and skills. If you will get selected in Review process we will interview selected lawyer.

If you will passed in the interview and after processing the payment we will discuss with your preference for how, where and when you like to work.

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Meet Our Founder

Founder and CEO of LPP Global for Legal Consultancy

ALI BAHA AL-DEEN AL-KASAIR , the game changer is the Founder and CEO of LPP Global for Legal Consultancy. He is a Member of Hamma Bar Association of Syria since 2008 and a Certified Legal Consultant of UK Board. Mr. Ali is a qualified lawyer with hands-on experience in drafting and negotiating, dealing criminal, civil, and commercial matters. He has worked as a Legal Consultant for more than 12 years within UAE’s Legal Services Industry & the Banking Sector. He has also worked closely with the Government departments including official authorities, public prosecution, and police stations. Mr. Ali believes that excellence has no finish line. He has been providing diversified services to companies in UAE with guidance on pragmatic risk management strategies, compliance policies, crisis management, and litigation exposure assessment.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine if your law firm is the right law firm for me?

Our network of qualified attorneys combined with our low-cost structure will enable us to excel in delivering affordable and faster legal services that are multi and cross-jurisdictional more than any other legal organization with high cost established, the greater the overhead, therefore the higher the hourly rates you will be expected to pay more.

Who will be handling my case?

We will go through the summary of your case carefully after providing us copies of contracts and any other written communications between you and the other party. We will analyze the strengths and weaknesses points of the case to guide you to the right lawyer who can ensure the highest present of success with the lowest cost.

What size cases do you handle?

Our firm handles cases of all sizes, ranging from individual claims to class action lawsuits and companies cases. Our firm has the knowledge, experience, and resources to handle all types of cases. We are equally dedicated to all of our clients, no matter what size your case.

How much does it cost to hire your firm?

We offer transparent and flexible engagement delivery models. In addition to this, we are ready to negotiate with the client and try to customize the engagement model and fee structure as per the client’s requirement and within its budget.




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