Our Services

We serve individuals, companies, law firms & corporate legal department and our network of qualified attorneys and professionals will enable us to provide a diverse range of legal services to clients.
 Case Study &Litigation Support

  • Intake Package Management
  • Drafting Pre-litigation Docs
  • Tracking Court Proceedings
  • Debtors Follow-ups

 Drafting Legal Documents

  • Complaints
  • Initial Settlement Demands
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Discovery Documents
  • Notices
  • Legal Writing
  • Opposing papers including motions, cross-motions and objections
  • Dismissal Documents

Legal Information Management and Summarization

Create a summary of records, recorded over a period of years. This helps in assessing a condition of a person to support any litigation process.  Summarization  depends on the type of Litigation such as:

  • Workman Compensation
  • Denial of Insurance
  • Litigation due to health conditions

Contract Abstraction, Review & Management

  • Contract Management Services
  • Contract Drafting, Negotiation, Execution, Administration & Closing.
  • Contract Abstraction & Summarization
  • Red lining and Negotiation
  • Contract Harmonization & Standardization
  • Contract Migration.
  • Post Contract Administration & Compliant
  • Contract Review and Analysis
  • Post Contracts Audit
  • Global Regulatory Compliances Management & Investigations
  • Merger & Acquisition Support Services
  • Written Consultancy Services
  • E-Discovery Services

Legal Research and Analysis

Legal research involves two tasks. First, observing the facts of the case and analyze them in lieu of the statutes and legislation in force. Second is to find precedents or previously decided cases with similar facts to determine the view of courts over the particular type of matter. In some cases a brief of the case is prepared and submitted in the Court on the basis on this research.

Legal researches include:

  • Case Law research
  • Statutory Law research
  • Legislative History research
  • Regulatory & Administrative Law research

Due Diligence

Our operations due diligence services focus on the functional and departmental process of your target. This may include an assessment of the target’s management team, relationships with key stakeholders, human resources systems, and information technology systems, among others. Our team will investigate current performance and identity opportunities for improvement and cost savings.

Company Set-Up

We provide full assistance to meet all the requirements and to make it easier for an investor to start a business. Our services include the process of issuing a trade license and setting up a new company as follows:

  • Onshore Companies
  • Free zone Companies
  • Offshore Companies

 Miscellaneous Services

Other processes that LPP Global has capabilities. Some examples:

  • Admin and Back Office Services
  • Immigration Management Services
  • Trademarks Registration
  • Legal Transcription
  • Judgments review and summary
  • Legal Data Processing
  • Template Drafting – Drafting templates for websites that sell legal forms online
  • Analysis and summarization of decided cases