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Dismissal Documents

While running a business, you may have to deal with a lot of things. There will be days when you may have to welcome a new member. And, there will be days when you have to dismiss an employee. However, all this requires adherence to laws and regulations, and a whole lot of paperwork. Approach LPP Global for Legal Consultancy FZE for drafting dismissal documents and let our team help you with your requirements.
About The Process
Dismissal must be done in a legal way and for a valid reason. The possible reasons include:
  • Conduct
  • Poor Performance
  • Changes to business requirements
Why Prefer Us?
Dismissing an employee has never been easy for a business owner. You have to be very careful towards your as well as your employee's rights. The process involves documents that must be prepared keeping all the rights, legislation and obligations in mind. That's where our services come in. While doing it by yourself without complete knowledge may land you in legal trouble, with us that's not the case. Our consultants are well aware of UAE employment rules. They will draft dismissal documents according to the reason why you are taking the step. Reach us for a requirement today!

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