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Opposing Papers Including Motions, Cross-Motions And Objections

When you file a case, the defendant may come up with either an 'answer' or a 'motion to dismiss'. There might be scenarios where the other party has filed a motion. In that case, you have the option to file a 'motion in opposition' against the motion filed by the defendant. Approach LPP for drafting opposition papers that include motions, cross motions and objections.
About The Process
LPP Global for Legal Consultancy FZE is committed to providing its clients with the best legal drafting services in UAE. When you reach us for drafting an opposition document, we do the following:
  • Our legal experts will look into the case from the beginning in order to make things clear in your as well as their mind.
  • They will identify the reasons behind the other party filing a motion. The common reasons may include improper complaint filing from your side, invalid claims, and more.
  • After this, our team will develop a counter argument regarding the complaint filed and claims made.
  • They will look at the laws, reread the motions, and draft a document for you.
  • Sometimes, the other party may win the motion to dismiss. In that case, our team will file a lawsuit on your behalf again, keeping the past scenario in mind.

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