Work With Us

  • Are you satisfied with your law practice?
  • Are you able to pick and choose the clients and cases you handle?
  • Are you in control of your legal career?
  • Are you a self-employed lawyer and seeking to work with a more fulfilling, innovative and contemporary law firm?
  • Are you commercially minded, have an ability to hit the ground running and can manage relationships with varied stakeholders?
  • Do you have at least 5+ years’ private practice and in-house legal experience from law firm with legal skills to different industries, businesses, and individuals. within a major jurisdiction?
  • Do you want to work flexibly (full and/or part time) on short and / or long-term project assignments with our house hold name clients?
  • Are you fluent in spoken and written English; Arabic & French or any other languages?
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If you did not answer yes to the above questions, let me assure you that there's a lot more you can do to create a highly profitable and enjoyable legal career to start living the life you know is possible.

There is only one thing that will guarantee your financial and personal success in your practice. For those of you who want to have a balanced and comfortable life, one filled with financial and personal freedom, and the time to do the things you want to do, you must have a steady stream of new and existing clients. That's it…it's the only way to get all that you desire.

Benefits of Working with Us:

As a self-employed lawyer, if you collaborate with LPP Global for Legal Consultancy, you will reap the following benefits:

  • A visible lawyer profile that will be viewed by companies, and individual clients.
  • Marketing/branding opportunities: We create content across all industries and legal service areas.
  • Ability to download your articles, previous cases, legal e-book...etc.
  • Assigned legal work to the lawyer according to the expertise based on sharing model.
  • Profits and benefits on successful cases.
  • Partnership opportunity in the firm after 5 years of collaboration as per our policy.

What's the process?


Applying Online

Share your resume and we will look at your experience and skills.


Discussing with Lawyer

If you passed in the triple-tested and after processing the payment we will discuss with your preference for how, where and when you like to work.


Start Receiving Assignments

After signing the agreement, our lawyers will start to assign you the work according to your expertise.



We monitor each assignment to ensure high quality of the work , getting feedback from both parties is very important to us.

How Many Lawyers are Signed Up on the Provider Side?

All network members are triple vetted before they can apply to roles. This process includes:

  • Primary qualification: Screening to ensure that all attorneys are licensed and in good standing with the bar. No attorney professional’s identities are also confirmed.
  • Second-level vetting: Analysis of various data points related to applicant performance and soft skills via references, past performance analysis, and assessments.
  • Final screening: A final level of screening and live interview includes a further assessment of personality and soft skills.
    • Specialist Attorney : +10 years experience
    • Attorney : +8 years experience
    • Junior Attorney : +5 years experience

Attorneys can verify information themselves via text, phone call, or email.

Can Firms/Departments/Clients Rate Contract Lawyers?

After each engagement, employers are given the opportunity to rate attorney performance. This evaluation is reviewed and added to the platform’s overall attorney assessment. Future clients can access these reviews and see this information easily via the star rating on attorney profiles.

We also work closely and personally with attorneys and clients to get feedback and consistently improve their experience with our service.

For Lawyers

The lawyer shall be a subject to be a candidate to participate with us if he continues to pay the fee for three years consecutively without interruption and he has to renew his membership. The lawyer shall be exempted from paying the fee for the rest two years and the firm shall continue to deal with him without deleting the profile. The purpose of the fees to ensure continuous work without interruption and build long term relationship for partnership opportunity with us after 5 years of collaboration as per our policy.

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